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Audio & Video Multilingual Transcription Services

The need for accurate and reliable multilingual transcription services has never been greater. The advent of the recording devices, the plethora of available media and the ease of use for portability of such media across the internet has made content and evidence storage in audio and video files extremely easy. More than often organizations require the content of such media to be available to them documented in another language. YYZ Translations offers state of the art audio and video multilingual transcription services for clients in all industries, covering most common and rare languages.

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Our Process
TranscriptionVerificationQuality Assurance
Our team of transcriptionists listen to the audio of the file for analysis and to get acquainted with the speakers. Another round of listening enables them to transcribe the spoken audio verbatim or as requested. Client instructions and reference material guide the transcriptionist to deliver a transcript that meets the specifications. Transcripts are time-coded with the beginning of each speaker’s speech and the time code is updated every 30 seconds unless specified otherwise or the speaker changes.
The same transcription listens to the audio source and compares the produced transcript for accuracy, completeness, blanks, phonetics, any formatting related errors as well as speaker identification and time-code accuracy. Background chatter or events that may be important to the context of the transcript being produced will also be captured in the transcript and verified. Any observations in speaker’s tone, background events or audio related issues are documented with transcriber’s note.
Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance specialists will review the produced transcript. This activity will identify any issues with parts of audio marked as unintelligible, phonetics, and any syntax problems introduced in the transcription phase. The file is thoroughly reviewed to identify any context or industry-specific errors that may affect the final legibility of the transcript. A final document, that conforms to client’s requirements, is produced at the end of this phase and delivered to the project manager.

TV Programming
Wiretap & Evidence
Business Presentations
Insurance Claim Interviews
Research & Surveys
Speeches & Lectures
Our Multilingual Transcription Services Team
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Supported File Formats

Our multilingual transcription services team can process over 500 types of file formats, including MP3, MP4, SWF, OGG, WAV and many others. Contact us to learn more about all our supported file formats.


Transcript Formatting and Layout

Our multilingual transcription services produce transcripts that contain a header part, identifying the file, the speakers, the time of day, location and any other relevant or available details. The transcripts include speakers’ names each time they speak as well as time-code information to make them easy for cross reference with the audio source. The transcripts are formatted in tables so that the text aligns well and flows with the audio conversation without requiring the reader to jump between pages.

Metadata Information
Speaker’s Names
Background Chatter & Events
Transcriber’s Analysis

Our transcripts include all these features without any additional cost. Furthermore we provide free analysis of transcripts should our clients require, which will be appended to the end of the transcript. Clients are welcome to propose their own transcript formats.

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