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Rapid Translation and Integrated Systems (APIs)

Rapid translation involves processing of high volumes of translation in a very short span of time. In this post we will explore how integration of systems through APIs and leveraging technology can make this possible. Today we consume more information than any time in the history of mankind. We consume this information from a variety of industries, with different portions and in different language flavors. What has happened in the past few years is that our appetite for larger volumes of information ... Read more

Translating Your Content by Text Type – What You Need to Know

Translating Your Content by Text Type You create your content for different purposes in your organization and translating your content by segmented text type can help you maximize your ROI in delivering the most impactful communication based on your identified touchpoints and for the right audiences. In this blog post we will take a look at how best to segment your text based on type and domain, and some of the best strategies to translated segmented content. Every organization, large or small, prepare ... Read more

How to Interpret Multilingual User-Generated Content

The Internet, social media and mobile devices have resulted in a boom in content production, the need for user-generated content translation has spiked to an unprecedented level. While facilitating easy communication and overcoming geographical barriers, the content generated from Facebook posts, tweets, Youtube videos and so forth can be incredibly valuable in a variety of ways. Let's find out how language plays a role and what we find when we start digging. Why Does Translation of User-Generated Content Matters? User-generated content is anything ... Read more

Welcome 2017 – AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Language Translation

Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017, in this post we will take a look at what is in store for us in technology this year and how it will affect the language translation industry. Artificial intelligence and internet of things (IoT) have been popular subjects recently and they will continue to make news this year. Let's have a look at how they will affect the language translation services and what it means in general. AI, Internet of Things and Language Translation You have probably ... Read more

Best Approach to Translate Entire Websites

Developing and maintaining a website is hard enough for developers, yet when they need to translate entire websites into other languages they are faced with all kinds of problems and challenges. Let's have a quick look at what are the challenges and how to best address them by using some of the best practices from the translation and localization industry. Why do you want to translate your entire website? Assuming your English website is up and running and you have already generated traffic, ... Read more

Translation for Open Source Projects

Getting translation for open source projects is tricky as funding is limited, the community development means linguistic resource scoping is not always defined and management of this part of the project is not easy. In this article we will explore how Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers can get the best out of their translation provider. How can you get translation for open source projects? Translation for open source projects is a key issue facing the developers in this industry. The popularity ... Read more

Localization for Games In A Connected World

The gaming industry represents a whopping $92 billion per annum market and localization for games cannot be left as an afterthought. Games are household staples in the US, Europe, Japan or China and game publishing is a big business outside the English speaking gaming world. In this blog post we will discuss how gaming companies can develop a localization strategy that will yield the highest ROI with the lowest investment. Localization for Games In A Connected World There are many other steps involved ... Read more

Managing Multilingual Software SKUs

Software companies are facing competitive challenges on a number of different fronts and multilingual software offerings is an imperative for such companies. In this post we will explore the challenges for maintaining multilingual software streams and the issues faced by the different software delivery channels such as physical software, cloud based solutions and mobile platforms. The Business Case For Multilingual Software Global trade has presented numerous opportunities for software companies, from the possibility of sourcing cheap technical labor from China, India, Vietnam and ... Read more

Handling the Increase In Demand for Legal Translation Services from Legal Departments, Law Firms and Attorneys

With the increase in population, the demand for legal translation services is on the rise from  governments, law firms and lawyers. This demand is expected to rise in the foreseeable future and the challenge of getting an accurate, reliable and court usable translation continues to persist. In this blog post we will explore ways to mitigate that challenge. This is not legal advice and should not be interpreted as such. The Demand for Legal Translation Services Over the past century, interpretation of the ... Read more

WordPress Localization – A Quick Look

Wordpress localization has become an important aspect of web publishing as Wordpress has become the unanimous winner in the open source content management front. Localization of the website interface and posted content in Wordpress sounds daunting, costly and time consuming but that couldn't be further than the truth. In this article we explore how Wordpress localization is achieved with a few simple steps. Wordpress Localization - A Quick Look Developing a website is not as difficult as it was a few years ago, ... Read more

APIs For Translation Services

In this post we will discuss what are APIs, and how can APIs for translation services be useful to website developers, content managers and enterprises. While APIs have been around for a long time in the information technology sphere, their use for getting language translation is relatively new. APIs For Translation Services - A Must For Delivering Global Ready Content The internet has given us a huge potential for integration of human and machine communication that we mostly take for granted. APIs, abbreviation ... Read more

A Look At Canadian Government Communication Challenges Related to Language Translation

Governments today face enormous challenges in all areas of their business, but translation related issues continue to evolve and pose problems. Every government is looking at ways to cut costs and yet maintain the same quality of service for all its constituents. In this post we will have a quick look at translation related challenges and some ideas that might help resolve such problems. What Are Government of Canada's Challenges Related to Translation? There was a time when government communication and public relations ... Read more

Cultural Adaptation as a Service – Translation is Not Enough

Translation is the art of converting the meaning from one language to another, whether done by human effort or by a machine, but cultural adaptation is the art of making the translated text tailored for a particular culture, demographic, market, political system and community as a whole. More than often organizations requiring to launch a service or product in a new market beyond their borders overlook this important fact. What is Cultural Adaptation of Translated Content? Do I Need Cultural Adaptation? Actually, the answer ... Read more

Business Case for Urgent and Time Sensitive Translation Services

Time sensitive and urgent translation is becoming more and more important with modern technology and adoption of mobile and web by end users. Companies requiring time sensitive translation services are faced with the dilemma of choosing machine translation output or developing in-house capabilities at huge costs. We will explore some alternatives and their benefits in this article. The Business Case for Time Sensitive and Urgent Translation Translation is no longer an optional service for organizations, it has become a critical part of their ... Read more

How to Find an Enterprise Translation Service Provider?

Enterprises have realized that they need to be global to compete and they must have a clear strategy to get their content translated to remain truly competitive in the global marketplace, but enterprises face a plethora of choices and there is little industry coherence and standardization. Lets find out some ways that makes it easier to navigate in the translation and localization landscape. What Is Enterprise Grade Translation Service? Translation services have existed for a very long time. However, they are traditionally managed ... Read more
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