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Legal Translation Services in Canada for the World

Just as businesses are expanding their wings to foreign lands, it is only natural that the legalities of business deals be carried out in a transparent manner that has the consent of all the signatories to the deal, no matter what language they speak. Apart from businesses, birth and marriage certificates may also need translation from one language to another. Translation services in the legal world have to be minutely accurate to correctly convey the meaning of each and every word to avoid any misunderstanding later, not to mention that a poorly translated document is a complete waste of money and effort. It is of prime importance that translators handling legal documents are well-qualified to decode the legal terminology into a corresponding code of the target language to maintain uniformity of the process. The best measure to ensure flawlessness is by having an attorney of the target language verify the contents of the translated documents and have it redrawn if the affiants or witnesses prefer.

Depositions, Complex Documentation, Handwritten Evidence

Legal communication is a two-way process and might need translation service in both directions. To make the process smooth, a translator in the presence of an interpreter makes the job easier. Legal translation service depends a lot on the tone of the document as well as the legal vocabulary on which the fate of the case depends. Apart from that, the interpreters have to know the laws and rules of the concerned countries. All our professionals are vouched for and have vast expertise in their assigned fields. No matter the country of origin for legal documentation, we can assure comprehensive support with more than 100 languages.

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Pro Bono Legal Translation Services in Canada

We also understand not everyone can afford legal translation services when facing a legal issue, and we have created our Pro Bono Translation Services, geared towards the legal community. This service is limited to our allocated capacity and only available to legal firms and non-profit organizations working in a Pro Bono set up.

We at YYZ Translations ensure that a linguistic expert in court processes is assigned to all legal translation jobs. We have more than a decade’s experience in handling the legal complexities of high-profile clients. For more information, get in touch with us.

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