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Marketing Translation That Knows Your Goals

The cultural connotations of languages and words are so varied that translating for the purpose of marketing is a daunting task, unless the translator is aware of all the intricacies of the target language’s colloquial vernacular. Marketing translation is an integral part of today’s multicultural and multi-ethnic communication and storytelling.

In many instances wherein translation has been done without heeding the meanings of slang terminology in a language, downright farcical interpretations have resulted.  The history of translating for marketing is replete with examples of an innocent and honest, yet completely erroneous, interpretation of words has done more harm than good.

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Selecting the right translation partner for marketing purposes requires confirming the experience of the translation service provider. Before hiring a translation partner, a company or organization should ensure the certainty of that translation provider’s knowledge of local dialects, including slang terminology, of any target-language project.

Before translating for a foreign audience, the linguist must have a thorough understanding of all unwritten but widely accepted meanings of seemingly unassuming words that, if translated incorrectly, could conceivably corrupt the entire project, possibly even creating unintentional offense. A poor translation not only represents a poor brand image but also could involve the expenditure of time and money for possible damage control. This can be avoided by due diligence to these basics of translation in the field of marketing.

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Marketing Translation with Market Experience

YYZ Translations maintains teams of linguists adept in a wide range of marketing documents that include, among others:

Product Policies
Distribution & Advertising
Pricing Strategies

The highly efficient workforce and industry-leading managers at YYZ Translations Inc. can recreate the magic of your marketing efforts in a way that will surpass your expectations. We take care of all your needs in translating your success from one language to another.

To learn more about our professional translation services for the marketing industry or how we can help reduce your translation costs, please e-mail or call us at 1-888-427-5999 today.

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