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As a leading global provider of language translation services, we pride ourselves on producing top quality translated texts. Before we start any project, we ensure that we have full understanding of our clients’ requirements. Our clients are in over 100 countries and each have their own unique requirements. With such attention to detail only we can ensure that each project meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. We are working on a partnership model with each of our clients and provide language translation services that are quantifiable and scalable and contribute to higher international sales.

Language Translation Services with Quality. Period.

Quality is of utmost importance for us and each and everyone of the translation projects processed at YYZ Translations passes through a series of rigorous and stringent quality checks. These include:

Analysis and the creation/use of your style and terminology requirements
Native-language linguists with specialization in the required industry sector with proven track records who will follow the requirements throughout the translation process
Rreuse/recycling of your existing translated text through the use of translation memory tools
Incorporating as many on-demand QA steps as requested
Quality analysis and review of translated texts by senior internal linguists

Innovative Approach to Language Translation Services

While translation of any text can be accomplished by different methods, YYZ Translations understands the dynamic and changing delivery models for language translation services and offers the following types of services:

Our language translation services feature turnkey solutions requiring no or minimal overhead for the client, thereby reducing costs and creating efficiency. We deliver translated text quickly and with the technological capacity to handle high volumes. With YYZ Translations, you reach your time to market as quickly as possible.

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