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Machine Translation for a Growing Content World

Recently, Machine Translation (MT), or Automated Translation, has gained a lot of popularity. With advances like Statistical Machine Translation and Advanced Leveraging, this form of translation technology has made numerous advances. The exponential increase in the amount of digital content, which may need or benefit from language translation, and the drive to reduce costs have brought MT back into focus again.

Like the early days of Translation Memory in the 1990s, it is hard to ignore Machine Translation and its potential.

Our approach to MT is to lead the industry in terms of understanding and implementing this technology, to understand both its potential and its limitations. We provide technical services for our clients to deploy MT on an as-needed basis, depending on the localization requirements. YYZ advises our clients on the value of MT as well as provide our related services.

We offer our clients the following key MT solutions, which address a broad range of applicable production applications:

Post-Edited Machine Translation (PEMT)

We utilize our trained and experienced linguistic resources to post-edit the content translated by machine-translation (MT) engines. This MT-translated content can either be provided by our clients or can be an output of our deployment of the YYZ Translation machine translation engine.

Typically, the post-edited translation has the same translation quality as translation performed by trained linguists, and MT can increase productivity and reduce the total cost of translation, in some ways similar to the benefits derived from using Translation Memory technology.

The increase in productivity and potential cost savings depend on a number of factors and with the passage of time, these increase as the MT engine is trained. The following factors typically determine the potential for savings using MT:

Locale pairs: A number of target languages show higher productivity gains while other rare and less-used languages show lower gains with Machine Translation.
Source-material quality: Source-language content quality and control using appropriate authoring tools, such as established grammar, style-guide rules and terminology, can significantly increase the potential for Machine Translation.
Legacy content: If translation memory or previously translated text is not available to train the Machine Translation engine, the yield achieved from the MT will be lower.
Customer or domain specific dictionaries: Like legacy content, the availability of well-maintained dictionaries can significantly improve the quality of Machine Translation output, and as such increase the cost savings associated with using MT.

 PEMT Light

Under certain circumstance, the machine-translated post-editing can be lighter to ensure that the content is legible and factually correct, but is not aimed at achieving a high-quality and industry-appropriate linguistic translation. This can be useful for fast-turnaround, short-lived content which provides the meaning and that is quickly consumed.

Typically, this requires a set of post-editing rules and quality benchmarks to be in place. As part of this service, we also integrate the MT engine deployed with our client’s required workflows, and we develop a method of returning the machine-translated content back to the client’s infrastructure in a streamlined process.

Virus Alerts
Customer Support Requests
Forum Entries
Email Messages
Social Media Content
Low Priority Communication
Text Message

There are numerous benefits for the application of machine translation. Critical and time-sensitive content can be delivered or presented to end-users in their local languages quickly, as and when needed, creating a competitive advantage for clients, increasing satisfaction and brand loyalty of their international end customers and many other advantages.

MT Access

YYZ Translations provides customization of the machine translation engine (our own engine or that of our clients) and its deployment for a production environment. This customization includes our knowledge and experience of machine translation, as well as linguistic expertise for any language needed to train and/or customize the MT system with the use of dictionaries, translation memory and legacy content alignment.

Our MT Access service provides an output from the MT engine, which is not post-edited; instead, it is put to immediate use. This service is applicable to scenarios where the actual and fast translation of content is of the most importance. This is intended for situations where the user is expected to get a high level understanding of the message.

MT Access is also used as an automation solution for translation of self-service customer support solutions. In this situation, the direct output from machine translation (not post-edited) is a better alternative to “no translation,” and can be an on-demand MT engine customized for a particular client.

In certain scenarios, there may be some very light post-editing included before the MT translated content gets to the clients. We provide customization, implementation and maintenance of an on-demand machine translation solution for our clients.

Our customized MT Access solution provides superior results compared with free or online Machine Translation services such as Google Translate. After customization is completed, a chosen corporate terminology base, glossary or industry-specific terminology is applied. Similarly, the process of submission and delivery of MT Access content is customized and integrated with our clients’ corporate intranets and portals without requiring additional setup or maintenance.

Using this service, organizations that are operating on an international scale can accelerate internal communication and increase the effectiveness of their operations with only limited costs required for the setup and ongoing maintenance of the system. The total number of words no longer drives costs in this scenario.

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