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Linguistic Engineering

Language engineering consists of the application of scientific principles in design, construction and tools maintenance to assist in dealing with information communicated in natural languages. The science of linguistics underlies all this —studying how languages work. Tools employed for this purpose can be of several kinds, such as computer systems to assist in different tasks of translation, for instance, and include abstracting and indexing, language teaching, information extraction, etc. In fact, language translation also directly leads to other tools, such as the thesaurus and dictionary. Simply said, anything that involves the application of the science of language or linguistics to the solution of pragmatic tasks falls under the heading of language engineering.

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Machine and machine-supported translation constitute an integral part of the discipline of language engineering in that it deals with computer systems’ production for achieving translation or for assisting a human translator, or even considers methods that human translators utilize for the purpose of creating guidelines and tactics to help them.

Of course, several other applications exist that are turning computer-assisted language learning into something vastly significant. A range of diverse qualities comes to mind when dealing with the complex process of language engineering, and it is here that you can rest assured that with YYZ Translations, a team of highly trained professionals is working for you. Because we provide all the related language services necessary to catapult your business to greater heights, you can rest assured you are now in the hands of the best service provider in the industry.

Linguistic Engineering with Long Term Vision

At YYZ Translations, our clients enjoy impeccable language engineering services. Our professionals showcase expertise in a variety of fields to effectively provide the skills you need and to produce the effective tools necessary to assist you with all your language-oriented tasks.

We deliver value to your organization by supporting your project or initiative with our linguistic engineering service that will bring long-term cost efficiency, increase quality and meet the taste of time in the ever-evolving language industry.

Comprehensive knowledge of individual languages

Understanding of the common properties of language

Computational realization in the field of linguistic theories

Thorough knowledge of real language, with all its syntax and rules

Our consultancy services are available both as short- and long-term contract-based packages. We work with a variety of clients in companies of all sizes, offering language evaluation, testing and certification, establishment of localization quality control processes, localization and internationalization (globalization), linked project management processes and more. Our approach addresses the possible numerous incongruent pieces of an organizational dilemma: the mainstay value proposition, business portfolio, chief operational routes and systems, etc., and pools them all inside one unifying, concise solution premise.
We offer innovative linguistic engineering and technology services in the areas of  machine translation, tools development, process creation and development as well as multilingual content management. If you are in the market for a reputable, reliable service provider linked to advanced linguistic technologies, give us a call for a completely customized solution. Contact us today —we come to you and make life… well, we simply make life easier.

YYZ Translations Consulting Services

Consulting involves assisting organizations in perking up performance, primarily through analysis and by breathing life into organizational crises through the buildup of plans for improvement. YYZ Translations offers consultation in a number of complex areas for organizations by providing  specific consultant expertise. Knowledgeable of industry best practices, our wide-ranging familiarity in dealing with various relationships within and outside numerous organizations places us in the ideal position to offer your organization immediate assistance. We perceive distinctly what many consider the same by distinguishing customary customer service from practical consulting.

YYZ Translations has at its disposal a hugely diversified list of consultancy services for all types of organizations. Our consultants are becoming prevalent in non-work-related areas, too, that are beginning to employ the same managerial skills and principles. We facilitate organizations toward making innovation a process, not an event.

YYZ Translations appreciates effective strategy implementation as a multifaceted exercise and accordingly provides the meticulous configuration of purpose, progression and people. Our consultants introduce their own unique proprietary tactics and methodologies to steer companies away from the direction of crisis by functioning as the source for suggestion toward more valuable and effective work/task execution.

Technology implementation

Operational enhancement services

Strategy development

Change management support

and much more

Our consultants know that devising a strategy involves a purposeful hunt for an effective plan of action to arm your organization with the competitive edge required to stay ahead of the pack. YYZ Translations’ strategy formulation and implementation focuses on making the most of client shareholder value while at the same time successfully managing risks. Our consultancy service is custom-built to spot key success factors in any circumstance and to subsequently devise an organizational outline that optimizes these factors to their maximum potential.

Not only is YYZ Translations technically savvy, business-oriented and able to adapt to any kind of client organization and methodology, our consulting staff speak fluent English, have been trained and experienced in Canada or the United and are, at minimum, bilingual.

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