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Localization involves the process of familiarizing any service or product in terms of a certain language, culture and desired perspective. Localization is an all-encompassing feature of web application development. Assisting users from diverse countries with dissimilar languages can be a complicated proposition. Apart from just the text, numerous (often sensitive) portions of an application need to be localized, such as currency and date formats. In certain cases, a localized application may even require altered images or color schemes.

Multiple Interfaces. One Location Services Provider.

We provide the following localization services:

YYZ Translations adapts seamlessly to non-native environments to provide you with the kind of localization services that your organization needs. Ideally, a service or product is so developed that it is comparatively easy for it to undergo localization. A good example is technical illustrations meant for manuals where the text can be simply altered to another language, thus permitting scoping for this function. This facilitation process is known as “internationalization”. This implies that an internationalized service or product is relatively easy to localize.

Turnkey Localization Services

Our experts at YYZ Translations consider minute details of utmost importance, such as money, time zones, holidays, local color sensitivity, names of products or services, gender roles and other related aspects of cultural and geographical regions in addition to the concerns of idiomatic language translation. In working with YYZ Translations, you will discover that a successfully localized product or service emerges and has been developed from inside the local culture.

Due to the essential role language translation plays in successful localization, YYZ Translations offers our clients the finest in automatic language translation facilitation. This requires a service provider to go the extra mile, a customary benefit well known by YYZ Translations clients. We pride ourselves on the integrity and exceptional efficiency with which our work progresses under the vigilant supervision of the localization services managers at YYZ Translations.

We fully understand that language localization is not simply a translation activity. It requires within its realm a comprehensive study of the various target cultures, which in turn accurately familiarizes the product with respect to local needs. Our localization service has been very successful due to our focus on providing quality, market-centric and culturally sensitive message transformation. We provide software, print and an array of localization services customized to our clients’ requirements. You can learn more about our translation and localization quality assessment process.

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