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eCommerce Localization for Today and Tomorrow

The future of business is all about internet and mobile. Every company has a global audience to sell their products and every user can make a choice from a myriad of eCommerce stores on the internet. You are confident that your products are of amazing quality, but are you confident that the people viewing your eCommerce site find them equally attractive from their own language and cultural perspectives? Are you satisfied about the flow of transactions and their appeal to your customers globally? YYZ Translations offers an eCommerce localization service that you can count on.

In a world where business knows no boundaries, content has literally become the king. Today’s eCommerce and online retailers consistently worry about their bottom line which is under attack by global competition. While some eCommerce businesses have chosen to focus on their English speaking markets, that will be a major mistake going forward as the global wealth is shifting across geographies. For example, it would be very costly for an American retailer of luxury and designer goods to ignore the humongous demand from the Chinese middle class. It is easy to assume that such a customer with that taste would know the language and make a purchase, but that is where things go wrong.

Planning to have your website localized in one or more languages? Let us help!

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YYZ Translations understands that eCommerce localization is not just about translating words about a specific product or service. It is also not about addressing a particular need for a particular culture. Our eCommerce localization service offers you peace of mind that your products, your website, your shopping cart and payment processing flow appear in your customer’s language and will appeal to them in accordance with their cultural and social norms.

Our team of localization specialists includes translators, editors, reviewers, proofreaders, graphics designers, content management system engineers and project managers. We are in a position to localize large scale eCommerce projects in Magento, Drupal, WordPress (WooCommerce), PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Shopify, OpenCart, Virtue Mart, osCommerce and other standards content management systems or that of your own proprietary system. Every website is unique and so are the products and processes that it offers.

If you do not have any experience with eCommerce localization, there is no need to be concerned. Our friendly staff will walk you through the whole process before the sales agreement is signed and our production team will be with you from start to the delivery and testing of your site on your staging or production environment. Similarly, we will be working with you as your partner to identify areas of opportunities and to address them as soon as possible. We will also work with you to develop language or market specific analytics and tracking systems for your eCommerce site.

Website Framework
Marketing Copy
Product Description & Taxonomies
Help & Manual Texts
Cart & Checkout Adaptation
Multilingual SEO

If you are planning to launch your site, you cannot afford to overload eCommerce localization. Waiting is also not in your interest as you are missing out on international business that you could have had today. We are here to help you reach every new market that you desire. Get in touch with us today or request a free quotation right now.

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