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Localization Testing Services

Imagine this: You are in charge of distributing your software product to several markets and are bound by time and budget. Before the final delivery, you want to test your product to ensure consistency, quality and usability. After localization, you decide to test it again. Here, you look for accurate functioning of the software product as per the stated specification. Is this an unnecessarily time-consuming process? How much do you wish this mundane process could be streamlined to get rid of the complexity? Our localization testing services will make it easy.

YYZ Translations allows you to deliver your top-quality software products to markets worldwide with exceptional efficiency and accuracy. Our active teams of linguistic professionals also include test engineers to assist you in simplifying the localization testing process. With services available throughout a wide-ranging network, we ensure that you meet time-to-market demands and remain ahead in the competitive field of testing. YYZ Translations guarantees you the most all-inclusive and gainful approach to testing and the global distribution of your market-ready products.

Localization Testing Services that meet your budget and spec
Software testing involves the evaluation of a trait or attribute of any program or system and in the process, determines its ability to match specified requirements. Though widely performed by programmers and others who work with computers, software testing remains an art due to imperfect understanding of software principles. Testing includes far more than simply debugging. We understand and value the purposes of testing — assurance, authentication and validation. Our dedicated, trained professionals excel in the two key areas: correctness testing as well as reliability testing. Working with YYZ Translations in the field of testing ensures adherence to key parameters — budget, time and quality.

Our engineers validate that the process of localization has not altered the application’s functionality and in the process, ensures that the product performs in terms of the specifications on localized operating systems as well as local hardware configurations.

Under this heading, our engineers spot visualized imperfections in localized software, such as string truncations, overlooked translations, embedded text in graphics and formatting errors.

Fluent linguists or native speakers of the target language as well as editors reassess the translation in context for exactness.

Native-speaking engineers and business analysts assess the software appropriateness and user understanding of the product characteristics and functions in comparison to target-market requirements.

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