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The Future is About Mobile

The past few years bear witness to the rapid spread of mobile content, in geographies outside their original. This burgeoning internationalization trend, aided by the rapid diffusion of mobile devices, has led to a sizeable market being developed in countries where English is not the first language. However, this language barrier acts as serious impediment to mobile device and application sales as well as diminishes the experience of the customers, who buy the devices and applications despite the language barrier. As a result, it is imperative to the success of mobile vendors to leverage reputable translation services to better target, compete and subsequently establish higher sales in linguistically disparate geographies.

Mobile Application Localization

We have developed a rapid mobile application localization system where we submit your localized apps in all of your target languages within 24 to 48 hours.  We support all file types, and almost all languages.

Besides full mobile localization of applications, we also provide linguistic testing and certification for mobile applications. Our team of skilled engineers are happy to assist you with your mobile application localization testing. To learn more about and to submit your mobile application  for localization, click here now.

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Get your Android and iOS applications professionally localized within the shortest period of time at a very competitive price.


Mobile Device Interface Localization

Given that our engineering team have significant experience with the design and development of mobile devices, from as long ago as the days of J2ME and BREW, we fully understand the intricacies of mobile interface development and the impact on user experience. We have worked with multiple OEMs to get their mobile devices localized for markets in Canada, Africa and Asia.

We understand that mobile devices operate on a very limited display real estate and have innovative means through which they interact with the users, such as software based keyboards, voice control and so on. The localized mobile interfaces that we deliver take all such limitations or features into consideration, making sure every user can comfortably interact with and use their mobile devices.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in localization of mobile device manuals and user guides. Check out our Telecom and Mobile page to learn more about translation services for the mobile industry.

Your customer is our focus
We at YYZ translations offer impeccable translation services with the specific needs of mobile applications vendors in mind. By adopting a holistic approach to enable a superior application user experience for your customers, we maintain a satisfied client base by helping them expand effectively into newer, hitherto unexplored, geographies. We ensure through our professional translation services that the entire specific needs of mobile application vendors are addressed while they seek to localize. As a result, when you partner with YYZ Translations, you and your customers enjoy the most complete translation services enabling a first-language experience.

Our services come coupled with constant customer support for long-term as well as short-term projects, guaranteeing that whenever you need help, we are there to assist you. The rich operational background and translation experience of our support team at YYZ equates to a seamless and efficient translation experience for all our mobile game vendor clientele. Further, our strict approval procedures as well latest terminology usage and bug-report tools ensures that your end result is exactly what you want it to be.

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