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Software Localization Services

Do software products lie at the core of your company’s business? If so, then you know that the investment of hard work and precious time in developing a product culminates in it as being the unique essence of your brand. The next critical step involves the expansion of its reach.

Market growth remains a constant challenge. But marketing a software product adds yet another challenge of balancing function quality with stringent release deadlines — while at the same time, working with ever-shrinking budgets.

Here you’ll find the role of a team of professional experts to gear up your software for global markets an utmost necessity. Welcome to YYZ Translations, the place to turn to for launching your software in any language and for any country.

Applications (Standalone)
ERP Systems
Financial Management Software
Open Source Software
Operating Systems

Complex Requirements. Simple Solutions.

Software localization, a complicated procedure, involves aligning the software parallel to the different aspects of the region, culture and language. We assist many of the world’s topmost brands in delivering their software products in several languages and locales.

Our company rests on the bedrock of translation, localization, internationalization and testing services. Our team of skilled professionals delivers unswerving translation of every possible user-interface element to include online documentation, packaging and other advanced localization engineering services such as source control and file management with deep debugging capabilities.

The process of software localization requires specific knowledge and certain trained project management skills. Our professionals work toward providing an intuitive configuration for your software in the language you desire. This way, you maintain a strategic advantage over your commercial challengers.

Connect with Your End Users. In Their Own Language.

YYZ Translations guarantees that your software speaks the language of your customers. In an era of fierce competition, accurate software localization lies as a crucial factor in separating success from failure and to this extent, we ensure that you stay ahead in the race.

YYZ Translations adheres to providing accurate services to assist companies in adapting software, online help files, documentation and translation that in the process, meet linguistic as well as cultural requirements of every customer, no matter their location. In fact, software localization has become essential to ensure the successful global expansion of your commercial activities.

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