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The effects of globalization are now prominent in the entertainment and utility software industry. Video games, just like movies, are released simultaneously at several venues internationally. Video games have become a lucrative industry that requires investment in translating the content of the games into several languages.Video game localization is an imperative requirement for delivering games to audiences around the world.

A very important feature of video games is that they allow the players to create virtual characters and identify with them. Sometimes word-for-word translation does not help. What is needed is to introduce a level of acceptability that will allow the players to connect with others worldwide. Translators must elevate themselves to the level of cultural mediators to bridge diverse cultural poles and significantly dissimilar gaming psychologies.

Online and Offline

Video games are either online versions or console versions; these are no longer small markets and without serious efforts to localize and maintain the product quality, the opportunity to capitalize on them quickly vanishes in the competitive native gaming markets. Electronic games are multimedia applications that require several translation services such as dubbing, voice-over, online help and subtitles, to name a few.

The new market for video games overseas is very choosy. You need a company that can offer creativity along with translation. The difference in gaming patterns and the outlook toward games and entertainment is not the same globally. As a creative translation firm, YYZ understands this difference and knows what makes a good game very popular internationally.

Covering all platforms
Microsoft XBox
Sony PlayStation
Nintendo Wii
All Desktop Operating Systems
Tablets & Hybrid Devices
Smartphones & Mobile Devices
Our video game localization service has helped many game developers who sell their products on consoles, desktops, tablets, mobile devices or on the social media platforms. Contact us today to take advantage of our great offers for video game localization.

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