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In today’s world of increasingly competitive markets and quality-sensitive language-services buyers, providing an impeccable translation product is imperative to the success of the language-services provider. While there are several ways for ensuring language quality is achieved, such as employing highly professional translators, it is equally important to have a validation and verification system to remove any doubts about discrepancies. YYZ Translations offers professional translation QA services for end-clients and other language translation companies.

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Translation Quality for Every Market

Regardless of the language pair, target industry and the provider, it is a must to deliver consistent translation quality. Quality should interpret into cost efficiency and must not drive or add costs to the language-services buyer.

In most cases, it is difficult to source translation QA services while the language-quality verification infrastructure is available. Scalable requirements are of key importance as they vary over time and across different languages. Often it is difficult to find or reserve in-country resources; strict deadlines and short turnaround times require accurate and careful planning, as well as the scheduling of QA staff.

Ensuring language quality requires a focused process across all projects. The concept of “one-size-fits-all” does not apply in this instance — a custom translation QA process is required while standardization of the process and metrics is a continuous challenge. Passive mitigating measures are often required besides QA and subsequent corrective measures, and the objective must always be to analyze and determine the root cause of any identified language quality issues.

Language Translation QA That Delivers

Our translation QA services have been created to instil confidence in the quality of the translated content by  our clients and to provide an independent inspection or audit of the quality against established standards defined by the client or the industry. These services are designed to provide independent language translation QA inspections for translated content without taking into account the origins of the translation.

For this purpose, our translation quality assurance team operates independently of the translation production teams to perform translation QA checks and to report on how the translated content meets established quality metrics. Additionally, this team is in constant contact with clients to help develop new or analyze and advance existing, QA procedures that are most appropriate for client-specific requirements.

Whether you are thinking of outsourcing your QA processes due to increasing volumes, lack internal resources or as a result of both, our independent YLQV team gives you the confidence that we can control language quality effectively and as a managed process.

Trust But Verify
Translation EditingProofreading & ReviewLinguistic Quality Inspection
Translation Editing
We provide editing services for translation, transcription and other types of language works. Our bilingual editors are highly qualified and have many years of experience in verifying translated texts when compared with the source language.

Our editors are senior level linguists who understand the importance of final quality texts for your industry and business. Our editing service gives you the confident that your final audience will be happy reading a text that is error-free and appeals to their taste and interest, which was the target of the original text. We are also happy to edit your own internal or your supplier’s translations.

Proofreading & Review
Our professional proofreaders and reviewers ensure that the translated and edited material pass our rigid and well-established quality criteria. The proofreader and reviewer is always someone other than the translator and the editor of a project. They identify issues in the translation and report them back to the translation team for correction. It is critical for the translation team to understand the final quality requirements and to replicate their fixes across subsequent deliverables.

We offer our proofreading and review services as a single service or as a value add to your existing translation project.

Linguistic Quality Inspection
Our translation QA team is available for inspecting the quality of translation provided internally or externally. Following standard guidelines for quality inspections, such as the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) Quality Assurance model, our team independently check every segment of translated text and provide general evaluation (passed or failed), error categorization against established metrics, metrics (total number of errors allowed per category), list of errors found and review-team comments. A final grading enables the client to make an informed decision as to whether the translation would need additional reviewing or correction or whether the translation is ready for deployment.

Country standards
Language quality
Style Guide/Project Guidelines
Formal correctness
Cultural and context relevance
Customer-specific requirements

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Our translation QA staff use state of the art verification and quality improvement tools to ensure that your final translated content delivers impeccable quality and the most accurate meaning of your text to your readers. Get in touch today to learn more about our translation QA services.


Any File Format, Any Project Stage

Regardless of file format, or stage of project our translation QA team will work with you in understanding the scope and depth of the project and develop specifications, with your approval, that form the cornerstone of your translation deliverable. We understand that project quality can sometimes be far from desirable and our team will be ready to dive in and start the cleanup process or reporting as soon as possible. We establish a timeframe for finale delivery and a schedule for regular reporting. With YYZ Translations, your translation QA is in good hands.

Experienced team
Sophisticated QA tools
Meetings by conference calls
Detailed reporting
Specifications development

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