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Multimedia Linguistic Adaptation

In today’s digital world, content is king and there is no doubt about that. However, much of the content available on the internet today remains unused by the global non-English speaking users. This means there is a huge potential for content assumption and multimedia linguistic adaptation becomes a key factor in getting your content notices globally.

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Multilingual Content for Global Consumption

If you are in the content development industries such as audio and video production, animation development, or eLearning services, you understand that competition is a growing threat and at the same time globalization is openning new doors for more opportunities. Assuming that your content consumer speaks English is a major miscalculation and can have significant impact on the bottom line. Similarly, being reactive to global increase in demand is fine but being proactive and prepared pays off at the end.

Get your multimedia content adapted for the world

At YYZ Translations, we work with all types of content and for all kinds of industries, and we understand that your business is dependent on growth beyond your borders. Our team of multimedia linguistic adaptation services will deliver a tailored approach for getting your content ready for use in non-English speaking markets.

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems
AudioVideoFlash & HTML5eLearning Courses
We provide dubbing and voice over services for any type of audio/video content. Our audio talent bring in years of experience in multilingual audio adaptation, combined with our technical and engineering resources who have delivered major projects for some of the biggest names in the media industry. Get in touch to learn more.
We provide subtitle and SDH/Captioning services for television and web/mobile video content. Our team work with SRT UTF-8 files to provide professional quality uni-lingual or multilingual sutitles and captioning scripts which complies with the industry requirements. Get in touch to learn more.
Flash & HTML5
We work with developers and technical staff to localize your Flash and HTML5 content. Not only we can localize your content, we can also present it into multi-language or uni-language format that you can use within your existing setup. Your job is to develop the content, our job is to make sure it can be used in your target market and industry. Get in touch to learn more.
eLearning Courses
Regardless of the technology you are using to develop your eLearning program, we have the capability to localize your content into any or all of our supported languages. We can work with your developers to return translated language asset files or localize your entire program. Click here or Get in touch to learn more about our eLearning localization services.

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