We have found YYZ Translations to be extremely helpful. They responded quickly to our RFP, their people were very knowledgeable and they continue to give us good service.
Andrea Jameson, Vendor Manager


YYZ Translations has forged strong partnership with local and international organizations both from within and outside of the translation and localization industry. These partners include client companies as well as like-minded translation companies. Great partners are needed to succeed in today’s competitive economy. We welcome any partnership offers that result in leverage synergistic and collaborative relationships.

We also believe in the power of groups and sought membership in some of the world’s top associations to learn and contribute.

YYZ Translations is a member of AILIA
AILIA is the de-facto industry association for the language services in Canada. YYZ Translations remains an active member, and its management has played key role in the Executive Board and several committees in this association.
YYZ Translations is a member of ASTM Standrds Organization
YYZ Translations is a member of ASTM, an organization that has defined and set over 12000 standard and that helps millions of people in their lives everyday. YYZ Translations participates in several language translation related standards committees.
YYZ Translations is a GlobalSight Partner
GlobalSight is an open source platform for collaboration and workflow management in the localization industry. YYZ Translations was the first company to trial the open source platform following its launch in 2009. We continue to work in the leadership Steering Committee for the development of GlobalSight.
YYZ Translations Supports Project Open
Project-Open is an open source project management platform, voted as one of the Top 5 RedHat Open Source Project Management Tools in 2014. YYZ Translations supports this initiatives and has invested into the development of this tool.
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