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Generally, language translation is regarded as conversion of words from one language to another. While that may be true at a very high level, professional translation services actually is much more than simply converting words between languages, it requires qualified and experienced in-country translators; clearly defined processes for quality assurance, proofreading and editing; and stringent terminology management.

Besides having a strong team and well-defined processes, YYZ Translations provides good communication with the translation team, including coordination with customers and/or third party reviewers, and appropriate usage of tools and technology to make sure the process of translation is as efficient and productive as possible.

Experience You Can Count On.

Our experience and expertise in the field of professional translation services gives us the leverage to provide the best professional translation services available in the industry today. We provide accurate and consistent translations of products and content that strictly comply with our clients’ and international requirements for quality and cultural appropriateness. In addition, our linguists follow terminology and style guidelines that fully adhere to our client’s corporate culture and the expectations of their end users.

YYZ Translations recruits highly skilled professional linguists to translate documents and content in several industries and sectors sectors. Translation is performed, verified and supported by in-country linguists who have extensive experience in the specified subject field and are native speakers of the language to be translated. We handle all file formats and locales as part of our professional translation services.

Each and every one of our linguists are carefully verified and evaluated for performance on a monthly basis, and we follow strict rules to ensure our translators perform at their best level at all times.

Supported Industries
Business  & Corporate
Consumer Products & Distribution
Defense & Military
Education & eLearning
Law & Legal Services
Marketing & Advertising
Manufacturing & Export
Technology & Engineering
Telecom & Mobile
Travel & Hospitality
Video Games

Automation in Professional Translation Services

By saving every source and translated sentence in a database, our translation tools allow us to retrieve any matches to previously translated sentences on the fly while working on a document. We use a multitude of industry standard tools. Our own in-house YYZ Hub tool ensures that these databases are saved for every client and kept separate to ensure the security and confidentiality of all client data. These databases or memory files are never shared with third parties unless the client explicitly requests.

CAT brings significant savings in terms of time and money to us, and we pass these savings to our client. Besides saving time and money, CAT also improves quality and consistency as repeated text will not be retranslated each time. CAT is not machine translation, and only a professional linguist can use a CAT tools to produce a high-quality and full-of-impact translated text.

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