Accurate. Affordable. Effective.

Professional Document & Print Translation
We translate documents and text content using advanced technology and seasoned translators, delivering consistent and accurate meaning in every message.
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Software & Interface Localization
Adapting your software or website to another market and culture has never been easier, we provide a full suite of services for localization.
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Audio & Video Content Transcription
Our dedicated team of multilingual transcription services is at your disposal for creating professional transcripts of your audio or video content.
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Linguistic Quality Assurance & Compliance
Your translated content will be checked and verified for accuracy and correctness. Expect a full report and a final translation with full compliance with spec.
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Multimedia Linguistic Adaptation
We help you with localization and adaptation of your videos, eLearning, games and other multimedia products into all of your target languages.
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Linguistic Engineering & Consulting
Technical and engineering resources to help you lift your complex linguistic project off the ground and deliver within spec.
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Our translation and localization services are delivered with the highest quality and are competitively priced to help organizations at all levels, from start-ups to incumbent large enterprises. If you need translation and localization services, or even if you would like to have a free consultation about your requirements, we are here to help you.


Why we are different
Capacity for large volumes
Ability to process complex subjects
Certified for compliance with global standards
Advanced localization technology
Deliver best value for your dollar
Client speaking
In my experience, I have found the team at YYZ Translations to be highly responsive, professional and very transparent. Inevitably, there are problems with projects and they come up with innovative and intelligent solutions, saving us time and money.
Vendor Manager | Multinational Software Company
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